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d03 bar manifolds

d05 bar manifolds

cover plates

socket weld flanges

parallel bars 

Apollo parallel bars incorporate strong rare earth magnets for easy and 

fast setups. The parallel bars attach securely to the face of your vice 


indexable o-ring groove cutter

Apollo’s indexable o-ring groove cutter quickly machines o-ring grooves  for the most common o-ring sizes used in the hydraulics industry. Sizes  include: -219, -222, -225, and -228. The tool features thru spindle  cooling. The kit includes 10ea inserts. The o-ring cutter is part of the  Tool Wall Smart Tool line of tools.
code 61 straight o-ring flanges
code 61 straight companion flanges
code 62 straight o-ring flanges
code 62 straight companion flanges

The Apollo store offers tooling and fixtures exclusive to the hydraulics industry, along with a selection of the

most common products from our catalgue. If the catalogue item you require is not shown, please contact us. 

for all other catalogue items, please contact us.
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